Kevin Nielson

Executive Casino Host

Kevin was born and raised in Sunset, Utah and attended Clearfield High School followed by Utah State University. Kevin moved to Twin Falls, Idaho in 1991 where he worked for the College of Southern Idaho for several years. Kevin started work at Cactus Petes in 2005 and if often heard joking that he has been sitting in the same corner of the same office for all of these many years. Kevin will also tell you that he has never wanted a different job at Cactus Petes because he already has the best job in the casino.

Kevin very much enjoys running promotions at work and is known to be happiest with a microphone in his hand. Over the years Kevin has developed many close relationships with both team members and casino guests. Kevin enjoys these friendships very much and will be quick to tell you that without his job as an Executive Host, he likely wouldn’t know any of those people and so he is very grateful for this casino life. Kevin and his beautiful and loving wife Lori enjoy spending time with each other, the kids and grandkids, and the collective families in general.

Kevin’s top three hobbies, not necessarily in this order are, playing music, golfing, and vacationing anywhere with a beach.

“All I can say is that I have a blessed life and I am very thankful for it.”

Call: 208-316-3269

Jesus Gutierrez

Executive Casino Host

A former professional soccer player from San Diego, CA., Jesus has extensive experience leading successful teams both on and off the field. Prior to joining Cactus Petes, Jesus held a leadership position at the largest clothing optional resort in the US. There, he created and led premier events throughout the year, including music festivals, tattoo expos, 5K runs, and more. These events significantly increased the resort's attendance and reputation as a premier getaway destination.

Aside from work, Jesus also focuses on giving back to the communities he lives in by volunteering. He has been a part of different non-profit agencies, but his favorites are the Boys & Girls Club of America and Stepping Stones Agencies (a domestic violence shelter in Prescott, AZ). When he’s not working or volunteering, you can find Jesus exploring neighborhood towns with his wife and 2 year old son.  

“I live by one motto: Nothing but the best is ever good enough. This reminds me to give my all in life and be the role model that my child, wife, friends, and colleagues can look up to. I am excited to be here in Jackpot, specifically at Cactus Petes. Come say hi, my door is open!” 

Call: 928-533-1616